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Do we need big actions to tackle big issues?

Check out this video below by some guy called Bill Gates… These are the real climate-change causing issues we need to face. Consumerism and population growth and the subsequent manufacturing that goes with it.

While cycling to work and using your reuseable water bottle might give you the fuzzies (and these are still small but important actions we CAN do)…. we’re all still screwed as long as industry reflects a linear economy.

That’s why we at Economate look to address the 12% of Welly’s waste that can’t be easily addressed. The construction waste that sees perfectly good pre-consumer waste reevaluated as material and diverted to schools – if your school, community group or construction co. in the Wellington region wants to know more visit us at economate.co.nz.

Now as I sit here wondering if my latest plastic tat purchased from AliExpress will have arrived by the time I drive home from work in my SUV I take a moment to ponder my hypocrisy. But bar a global pandemic plague to wipe out MILLIONS, nay BILLIONS, I also wonder what can I or YOU actually DO?

I’ll tell you what we can do (other than ditch the SUV and stop buying crap from China)… we can bring about cultural change in the form of the small steps. While it all feels hopelessly depressing if we add up many small steps we’ve marched a marathon.

One important step is in thinking about ‘material’ instead of ‘waste’. When we change our approach to how we consume, use and throw away the things we need and use then we’ll be able to reduce.