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Economate gives back to support new start ups at Climathon 2018

Over 100 people gathered for this year’s Climathon NZ 2018

After months of planning as part of a committee of over a dozen volunteers the annual Climathon NZ took place this 26/27 October at the National Library Wellington.

Economate’s Nick and Katy were there with ‘ProtoPit’ a designated area to help nut out concepts, practice  ideation and create logos, visuals or prototypes for the climate change busting initiatives being developed. This was our chance to give something back after the help we gained at last year’s event to really launch Economate from a loose working concept into an established brand supported by Akina Foundation workshops.

19 teams pitched their ideas ranging from reuseable takeaway containers (overall winners ‘Reuseabowl’) to food waste schemes and apps. 100 strangers left with an invigorated sense of purpose after meeting new comrades in the fight against global warming. After 24 hours of bonding and brainstorming Wellington City has gained a bigger army of local environmental heroes.

To us at Economate, Climathon helps show that environmental conscious behaviour isn’t about hippies hugging trees. It’s about each and every one of us adjusting our behaviours in sometimes small ways to be more mindful of waste generation. Importantly, when done right, schemes will actually benefit consumers and businesses along with the local environment.

It was a privilege to be a part of this year’s event. Our personal highlights included:

  • Supporting and coaching Onslow college student, 16 YO Andreas with his school recycling scheme – winner of Creative HQ prize and Callaghan Innovation’s $500
  • Helping hone ideas down and develop visuals for prize winning teams ‘Grospace’ and ‘Reuseabowl’
  • Supporting ‘Milk ATM’ to refine their winning pitch.
  • Testing a Merida Electric Bike – those things are totes rad!
  • Enjoying good vegan food, the lovely quality volunteers’ Little Yellow Bird T-shirts and making beeswax honey wraps with CommonUnity Project
  • Speaking with other Climathon-ers in Valencia at their 2.30am!!
  • Meeting loads of like-minded people looking to make the world a slightly better place in this never ending battle for climate stability.

Keep an eye on social media for Climathon 2019! Economate hopes to be there.