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Economate supports career progression

Onslow College recently supported Economate David Ladd Joinery in Tawa in their search for another trusted apprentice.

As a business that has seen good growth over recent years, Ladd Joinery and Kitchens has been able to harness the enthusiasm of young people well-suited to learning the skills and craft in cabinet making and joinery. From a special relationship that goes beyond mere material provider, to one of trusted partner in a sustainable means of waste management and material procurement, the staff and students get to know the business and the business gets to know the school.

This demonstrates the benefits of membership. They provide waste melamine coated MDF from kitchen units for school students to use in projects, and suitable students have access to career pathways that utilise their technology skills and craft.

Economate is not just about waste diversion. It supports the building of relationships built on mutual benefits. We’re always keen to hear from more schools and building companies looking to benefit from this relationship.

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