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GoodSense shares secrets for social enterprises

Wednesday evening – choice of Netflix and take out or enjoying a workshop on the latest findings and trends in marketing for social enterprises, hosted by GoodSEsne marketing, Sustainable Business Network and supported by Akina Foundation. The right choice was made (which included Tommy Millions Pizza – woop!). With 23 other socially minded peeps from a range of beneficial organisations three hours of talking, sharing, wisdom and inspiration ensued.

Kath Dewar, MD of Good Sense marketing – an ethically driven marketing agency and part of the SBN – provided invaluable advice for fledgling social enterprises. Of course, to share those with our readers would tell you how we’re trying to grab your attention. But hey, it’s about stories. Hero stories, people stories and benefit stories. And that’s not a bad thing because we’re all about promoting benefits to all our Economates.

Perhaps we’ll start writing the story about Steve Friday, who’s business has seen rapid and quantifiable behavioural change since becoming an Economate. With his staff now reusing 40% more waste and reducing their landfill contribution it’s a great story. Or the story of student Ben, who used donated melamine to create a seriously funky shelving unit. Check out our story in the blog feed about David Ladd and how his business is enjoying the Economate way.

Perhaps the next story will be about you and how you’re using waste material to achieve something simply awesome. If that’s so – tell us right away 🙂