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Become an Economate!

Economate connects Providers of waste with Users of waste.

Membership and Sponsorship 2019

Economate is a non-profit social enterprise. Funds go to supporting the scheme.

  • For businesses (providers) looking to join – $350-500 per annum (depending on business size)
  • For schools and community organisations (users) – $200 per annum

If your business is interested in becoming a sponsor we’d love to hear from you – your brand can feature on the Economate platform and be shared among the networks. Benefit from the sustainability and community focused corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunities a relationship can bring.

To find out more email us at info@economate.co.nz.

Providers of waste

If your business has something it regularly throws away that you think could be used by schools and community projects post your materials and business profile in our directory or contact us directly.

Example – Ladd Joinery regularly have off cuts of melamine coated MDF. When supplied to Onslow college students used it to make shelving units and tables. David Ladd has saved around $500 in one year by avoiding waste disposal costs. Friday Homes have saved over $800 already in the first year’s membership by not sending waste to landfill! Onslow college subsequently saved thousands of dollars by not buying raw timber.


  • Designs for bespoke posters to use on site declaring your business as a supporter of responsible waste management
  • The Economate ‘seal of approval’ to use on your literature and website
  • Annual update to report on how much landfill you’ve reduced for use in annual reports, PR and to meet sustainability targets
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stories from a user you will be matched with
  • Exposure for your business through Economate and the users of your waste
  • Potential recruitment opportunities with young school leavers
  • Savings on disposal costs vs landfill.

Users of waste

If your school or community organisation have need of waste materials we’ll aim to connect you with a provider offering the material you need. Check the directory to see if anything has been posted or pop a post up saying what you are after and what for.

Example – Predator Free Wellington heard from Zealandia that as part of a sustainability project Onslow were providing animals homes and tracking boxes. Predator Free Wellington contacted Economate’s Katy to arrange for some to go their way for distribution around the college community.


  • Free material to use for your technology projects saving potentially thousands of dollars
  • A link to industry to help your students connect with potential employers and businesses.
  • Material to support NCEA sustainability modules
  • Your school or institutions logo on our website
  • The Economate ‘seal of approval’ to use on your literature
  • Positive sustainability stories for your school or institution.


Using established networks Katy and Nick seek to pair local providers with local users and help to establish the set of rules to guide the relationship. Since Economates work as a partnership it is crucial to manage expectations of all involved with Economate offering oversight. With proven relationships in place we can also advise on the ideation of projects and waste minimisation to help you save money and make some great stuff!

Together a user helps divert a provider’s waste to maintain a sustainable supply and demand model – with both supporting each other to keep waste out of landfill. Yay!

Economate wishes to thank Wellington City Council, Friday Homes, David Ladd Joinery and Cactus Plastics.