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Proposed increased Landfill Levy could encourage more Economates – have your say!

Clean green New Zealand is actually lagging behind other countries in our reuse and recycling rates, with one of the highest rates of per capita waste in the developed world.

There is still much work to be done including improving council and government data. Currently the waste levy is a mere $10 per tonne charged at landfills, and so for busy, time-poor construction companies there is little financial incentive in changing things.

But put simply we must. The current system is unsustainable and makes poor economic sense.

An increase in this levy need not hit construction companies hard if – like Economates – they look at their waste as material. Economate is here and ready to talk about how your waste can be repurposed and support community organisations and schools.

We know there is a better way because like our regular Economates David Ladd Joinery and Friday Homes an increase in Levy wouldn’t hit you hard when you’re already diverting your offcuts to your local school. Instead of contributing to landfill they are contributing towards sustainability, problem solving AND saving money along the way.

Have your say on the proposed increase in the Levy which supports schemes like the Waste Minimisation Fund and enterprises like Economate. But you’ve only got until the 3 February!

You can view a copy of our submission below – we’ve stressed the importance of looking at the bigger picture, and need for a concerted effort with education so that people understand other ways to get rid of waste safely and responsibly. We’ve also highlighted the need for this to be outside of just producers of waste so that consumers understand and can take responsibility. Without this we fear construction companies will continue current practices and pass higher costs to consumers.

View the proposals and make your submission here https://www.mfe.govt.nz/consultations/landfill-levy?fbclid=IwAR0LhxYctCBBfNFskktohrrGRvKvNXO-tyVCw8LviDDqAwgM1rm92dUYfAg

Because there is a better way-ste!