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Show Wellington GCC where environment sits in their 10 year plan.

Greater Wellington Council are reaching out for Wellingtonians to have their say on shaping the priorities for the region over the next ten years.
We’ve stressed the importance of the environment and tackling climate change as the highest priorities however, we also made the point that needs of mana whenua and rebuilding the economy – the other priorities they have listed to score against – need to be considered as part of solutions, not individual issues. Have your say – it takes less time than reading this post (deadline 31 August 2020).


Often with an almost departmental thinking, organisations tend to see issues in isolation rather than taking a concerted effort to find solutions to one issue while integrating other factors than need addressing.

For example, Flight Plastics in Hutt Valley bring economic benefits to the region, provide employment, innovation and address waste reduction and resource reclamation. They provide multiple solutions to multiple problems.

Economic recovery is not in isolation to climate change and environmental protection. The solutions to these issues do not need to exclude the learnings from traditional mana whenua or exclude opportunities for marginalised groups. ‘Concerted’ is key. It needs joined up thinking.

I commend Z Energy boss Mike Bennetts who recognises how solutions need to be policy led but also that we all have a role to play – Z don’t ignore their role as part of the 9% contribution of fossil fuels to NZ’s carbon footprint. ‘We need policies that establish incentives for households and companies with different budgets and different challenges and we need them done with the type of urgency we’ve seen our politicians and our public service demonstrate in the Covid-19 response.’

Economate works by joining the dots and helping creators of waste take account of what they produce – but then linking the waste of one industry to the needs of another for mutual benefit. So tell GWC that all the issues are important but that a concerted effort needs to be considered that looks to join the dots.

Nick Cottrell