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Student’s embrace waste to make flat pack seat

With sheets of scrap plywood donated by a local builder to Onslow College’s workshop teacher Katy Cottrell, students have been encouraged to create sustainable furniture as part of their NCEA L3. ‘We’re very grateful to the builder for providing these large off cuts’ says teacher Katy. ‘What’s great is it saves the school money, it saves the builder waste disposal costs and it saves valuable raw material from entering landfill and not being fully utilised’.

With a focus on meeting the needs for sustainability in future generations Katy has incorporated a strong environmental and economically sound ethos in her students’ approach. This surely poses great potential for a future where resources become more scarce and our conceptions of material value should be challenged.

Pictured: student’s ergonomically-designed adjustable chair created purely from salvaged waste plywood formerly bound for landfill and kindly donated by a local builder. Finished with laser engraved artwork.