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Track Zero’s Climate Innovation Roadshow shows art and science can be friends

Pataka Art Gallery, Porirua, hosted Track Zero who brought a unique perspective on the relationship between art and science through expert climate scientists; Professors James Renwick (Victoria University) and Dr Craig Stevens (NIWA), Track Zero Founder, Sarah Meads, artist, researcher and educator, Gabby O’Connor; artist, artistic director Sam Trubridge; artist, curator and researcher, Dr Huhana Smith, and; artist Elizabeth Thomson.

Some invaluable takeaways included clarification over how artists play a role in communicating the scientific hard evidence to new audiences, building engagement and promoting the continuation of the important messages. ‘Just keep talking’ was the fundamental point.

It’s these messages that are key to Economate’s mission to recontextualise our definition of ‘waste’ and it’s material value through tangible outcomes, including art. Art creates meaning and messages for people to engage and learn. Those in construction who provide the waste for Economate are themselves consumers of art, of messages and of storytelling. Through participation – whether providing waste, using material or engaging with the outcomes made from the material – we can all understand the role we have to play in the actions required to tackle climate change related issues.

Presented by Track Zero in partnership with Royal Society Te Apārangi, the Arts + Climate Innovation Roadshow is travelling to 10 locations from Whangarei to Dunedin from July to November 2018.