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VIPs view LUX wood dust ‘shrooms.

Deep within a hazy chasm, lying hidden beneath waterside flats lies a realm of light, texture and colour. Amongst the Glade, LUX festivals 2016 installation that has drawn over 6,000 visitors in just two weeks, sits a small colony of mushrooms. The creation of Massey MFA student Katy Cottrell, they pulse and glow with an internal life force. Meandering through the ephemeral forest wander Wellington councillors, sponsorship funders and local dignitaries discovering the de-lights of the light-based artworks.

Created from moulded wood dust and eco glue the light breaks through the organic surface, each individual mushroom singing and glowing in a visual chorus of cohesion. A colony of light, texture and growth that captivates, fascinates and educates on the potential of using a sustainable and readily available waste byproduct. Don’t miss the last two days to see for yourself these miraculous growing forms created, nay grown, from waste material bound for the bin.

Picture: viewed from above the mushrooms emit a spilling halo of coloured light reminiscent of a cosmic nebula leading to the name of the piece: nebulae fungi.