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Waste-based artwork shows function from junk

Sitting proudly against the stark white walls, a collection of seats, a table and some unusual forms await the critical eye of Massey university MFA staff. These items, though eclectic in their appearance share a common trait; they are all hand crafted from readily available waste collected from schools, builders and home and all bound for landfill.

Showing that design coupled with function can breath life into old material, byproducts and waste, artist Katy Cottrell challenges us go reconsider our perceptions of ‘waste’ with items hand crafted and individually made pieces that sing to the soul. These items say ‘I still live’.

Pictured- cushion from old welders gloves. Flat pack seat from builders waste melamine.Table and stools from recycled rimu from old desks and builders melamine and mushrooms featured in LUX: The Glade made from wooddust and eco glue. Wall clocks made from ash and glue.