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Economate will be @ Climathon 2020

Here’s a heads up for all our amazing environmental followers. Katy and Nick will be supporting this year’s Wellington Climathon – 3-4 April. 150 buzzing and aspiring entrepreneurs will gather in the Victoria University Rutherford House block. Like a hive of problem-solving, creative people, we’ll be finding solutions to Wellington’s future needs as we evolve […]

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Wood, glorious wood

Nothing excites us more than a big pile of solid timber. Such was the case when local builder Dale, hearing about Onslow’s embracing of repurposing used timbers, dropped off a load to the school.For us pictures like this represent so much… Dale saves on filling a skip with ‘waste’, the school saves money buying in […]


Proposed increased Landfill Levy could encourage more Economates – have your say!

Clean green New Zealand is actually lagging behind other countries in our reuse and recycling rates, with one of the highest rates of per capita waste in the developed world. There is still much work to be done including improving council and government data. Currently the waste levy is a mere $10 per tonne charged […]

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Economate educates new entrepreneurs

Economate’s Katy and Nick were delighted to be invited to present at Victoria University Wellington’s/VicLink Entrepreneur Bootcamp. We described Economate’s journey, from simple idea and conversation to development into a social enterprise diverting nearly 100 cubic metres of waste to good causes in the community each year. We explained the importance of understanding audience and […]

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Meeting a fellow furniture saviour in Featherston

We met a kindred spirit this weekend in Collie Burt, a 76-year-old master craftsman whose talent goes largely hidden in a small garage in Featherston. You see Collie 1) appreciates good timber 2) hates seeing it go to waste and 3) uses his craft to connect people with quality wood. His workshop is scattered with […]

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Economate’s Katy brings new life to old furniture

After four years of exploring materiality, through a Masters of Fine Art, Katy’s project has come to full fruition. Working with both raw timber and recovered and visualising the intrinsic stories hidden within old secondhand furniture Katy shows how old material can be given a new lease of life. ‘My project is about revealing the […]